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This ancient unseen stream

A shudder before the beautiful

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The Music Of This Awe

~*currently on hiatus. Still active at LJ (fairytaleguise)*~

(deep silence between the notes)


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80s movies, altars, anxiety, arts and crafts, avalon, avebury, betta fish, board games, body positivity, bohemian, brigid, castles, cities at night, cloud watching, cloutie trees, colouring, compassion, coventina, coziness, crafting, creativity, crystals, curiosity, damh the bard, dark moon, daydreaming, digital art, dreams, energy, epica, faeries, faery, fairies, fantasy, fat positive, faun, feminism, finding a bargain, fish keeping, flowers, folklore, friends, glastonbury, goddess spirituality, good books, good conversations, green issues, headmates, healing, hecate, hedge witches, hedgewitchery, hippie, home cooking, homemaking, humour, introspection, introverts, journalling, kindness, lakshmi, laughter, learning new things, libraries, living history, local history, lotr, love, making things, manifestation, meditation, mental health, metal, mindfulness, multiplicity, museums, mysteries, natural magic, nature, netflix, nightwish, novels, old books, old buildings, omnia, oracle cards, otherkin, otherworld, pagan music, paganism, philosophy, playfulness, plecos, poetry, positive thinking, psychopomps, quakers, rain, reading, rituals, romany, sacred sites, sacred wells, scrabble, seasons, sense8, shamanism, sidhe, simple living, singing, sketching, solitary wicca, spirit companions, spirit contact, spirit guides, spirit marriage, spiritual books, spirituality, star gazing, stately homes, staycations, stone circles, stonehenge, storytelling, sulis, superhero movies, superman, symphonic metal, tarot, tea, the divine, the goddess, the paranormal, the x files, thrifting, tree hugging, ufos, upcycling, vampires, victoriana, wicca, witchcraft, words, world religions, writing, ya books, yemaya
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